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Catan Translator

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Moving to Sweden was a great experience. It was also a great opportunity to improve my English - there's no better way to do that than by communicating in it. But what to do when you want to play Settlers of Catan, a board game that is available only in Slovenian. Well, I'm not sure if there's a receipt for such problems, but I've made an app, which allows my colleagues to look for a translation with ease.

The app, Catan Translator, sorts translations into different categories which can be filtered with a query processed by a fuzzy-search engine. This way you can find results very fast and don't even need to worry about spelling mistakes. The best part is you don't even need network connection once the app loads. No databases - all translations are cached.

A great JavaScript automatization of building and deploying the app provides a convenient way all the way from reading an Excel spreadsheet of translations to compiling and bundling the code. The app was also deployed as an Android app to introduce a full-featured offline experience.

HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Angular, Angular Material, Gulp, Apache Cordova


OpenScience Alternative Frontend

Screenshot of OpenScience website.

A project carried out at the faculty as a replacement for practical exercises pertaining to web technologies. The project features an alternative frontend to an already existing webpage. The site contains a browser of literature of Slovenian Reasearch Organizations.

The main addition to the functionalities of the original page is asynchronous loading of search results retrieved using AJAX requests. Once the results are retrieved, they are processed and displayed to the user, who can apply many advanced filters.

The page is responsive and, thus, appropriate for use with any kind device - from desktop computers to smart phones. The material design complies with Google's guidelines to create a smooth and elegant look.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Angular, Angular Material, Web Workers

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iGCC Mobile App

iGCC app promo image.

The app was developed for Gimnazija Celje - Center, a grammar school I have attended. After graduating, I was asked to help with its development. The project was a collaboration with Uroš Hercog and other designers at Gimnazija Celje - Center.

The app is built on Apache Cordova platform and uses Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Ionic Framework libraries. Due to this Git-based collaboration, my part was to implement a Google Calendar event list and an interactive map of the grammar school.

You can find the app on Google Play and Apple Store, or you can read about the app on the school's website.

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, AJAX, Google Calendar API

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Screen Capture

Screenshot of ScreenCapture program.

This desktop application allows you to capture screen on a pressed key combination. Cropping the screenshot, drawing onto it is also possible. The program allows you to customize what happens with the screenshots - are they simply copied to clipboard or saved to disc?

The program is a C# WinForms project that features custom rendering to display program-specific features such as the cropping preview. Naturally, the program runs in background so that it's there, just when you need it.

C#, WinForms

This project is one of many other, smaller projects which were mostly used as practise or to test different technologies such as WCF or WPF. Some of them were also ASP.NET websites.

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Quality Assurance

PovioLabs' logo.

During my studies, at the end of the first semester last year, I've managed to get all my work done in time. This way, I was able to work for PovioLabs for a short period of time. I've been assigned to the Quality Assurance team, searching for bugs.

It was a unique experience, throughout which I learned more than just the fact that QA doesn't always stand for Questions & Answers :D It's not all about the work itself, right? It's about collaboration and the workflow. But at the end, I was happy to hear the client has been satisfied with my work.

Website Maintenance

Gimnazija Celje - Center's logo.

While in Grammar School Gimnazija Celje - Center, I was trusted to maintain the school's website. This included visual site renovation, many bug fixes and other improvements. I've also programmed some new features such as an Interactive map of the school or many smaller features such as news buttons.

Working on this WordPress-based platform also included C# client-side applications that communicated with the site via custom plugin's API. They are used to simplify configuration of certain plugins and allow offline editing of the configuration.

PHP, HTML, SASS, CSS, JavaScript, C#, WinForms, WordPress API

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