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About me

Who I am and who I was

A short story

For those who don't like to read much

My name's Nejc Maček. I'm a 22-year-old Computer Science student from Slovenia with a lot of enthusiasm. I like logical puzzles and programming just my thing. I've learned most of what I know by myself (yeah, internet makes miracles).

Educational Journey

How I got where I am

Primary School and Extracurricular Activities

My educational journey started in primary school Osnovna šola Prebold. I have attended many extracurricular activities.

First of all, I have shown interest in music. I've joined school's choir and in 5th grade, I started taking piano lessons, where I managed to conclude 2 years of piano lessons in just one. Later on, we were allowed to choose a few subjects of our own preference. I chose one where we played on the Orff instruments. Never regretted it.

I have also shown interest in sports. Skiing was always one of my favourite. As a little child, I attended many ski courses, where I've learned how to ski very well. Therefore, I participated in winter activities our school organized. But skiing was not the only sport I was interested in – I started taking judo lessons. The trainings were great and after a few years, I've got the yellow-orange belt. Later on, however, when we had to enrol in competitions, my interest fell. Competitions were not why I was taking these judo lessons and what is more, in combination with music school, which demanded more and more practice, it was just too time-consuming and therefore, I quit it.

During my education, I have also participated in many competitions. My favourite fields were mathematics and logic, but I also competed in fields such as chemistry and physics. In higher classes of primary school, I received many recognition awards, which included silver and golden awards on national scale.

Grammar School

After I had finished primary school with excellence and managed to receive the ZOIS scholarship (a scholarship only assigned to most successfully pupils in the country), I attended grammar school Gimnazija Celje – Center. In the seconds year, I started to show interest in computer science and programming. Since there were no such classes in the school, my knowledge was self-taught. In the fourth year, I was granted the access to the school's website to maintain it. Afterwards, I graduated from grammar school with excellence and was categorized as a "Golden Matura Candidate" on the national Matura exam.


I decided to study Computer Science and Information Technologies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Maribor. A lot of classes I've taken did not pose any difficulties because of my self-taught knowledge I gained during grammar school. In fact, some topics were not new to me. Therefore, some professors agreed to acknowledge my classes by making a project instead of regular practical work. I finished the first year with the highest mark in all subjects. I was among the top 5% students in Slovenia.

I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ student exchange programme, which allowed me to study abroad. Thus, I spent almost half a year in Sweden, studying at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Going abroad was one of the best decision - in just a few months, I've seen and experienced more than ever before. I returned afterwards to Slovenia, but decided to do another semester abroad. This time, I was headed to Tampere University of Technology (now Tampere University) in Finland, where I wrote my bachelor's thesis titled Supplementing React Framework with an Animation Utility Library, which was published by the University of Maribor. This concluded my bachelor's studies.

As for my master's - I decided to study abroad, full-time. Thus, I am currently in the second year of my master's studies at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

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