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Nejc Maček

Hi, there!

I'm Nejc Maček, a 20-year-old Computer Science student from Slovenia who loves programming. Wanna see what I'm working on? Scroll down!

Web Development

Frontend prioritized

Web Apps

Web app development is more important than ever before. I primarily focus in frontend development; whether that's web apps or mobile cross-platform apps created using web technologies.

JavaScript & TypeScript

The first and most vital tool, not only for web development, but also for developer tools, project automation and backend. A good understanding of the language if indispensable. Just make sure you're equipped with the latest TypeScript and Babel compiler.

Is design what matters the most?

No, but you still want to have an elegant and good-looking design. It gives your users the first impression of your app or website. Now that is important.

Sounds like ng-

Efficient, compatible with TS and easy to use! I still prefer Angular to React ;) Just let me know if or when another MVC library comes out!

Wanna see what I've done?

Head to the Projects page to see what's going on.
From websites and mobile apps to quality assurance.

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Other Languages

I speak more than just Web!

Still need glasses, though!

Properties? Check. Delegates & lambdas? Check. Async support? Check. Thread safety support? Check. Elvis?. Check. App and web development? Check. What's there not to love?


... well, you know, it's Java. A coffee that constantly updates.

My Hobbies

Skiing, playing piano and programming.
Also, I'm currently learning how to play the guitar.

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Just name it! I'm up for challenges!